How to Use Your Solar Panels Efficiently

November 3rd, 2017

Among the troubles that solar PV owners face are ensuring that their system is running efficiently. An important part of this is guaranteeing that you utilise any excess electrical energy successfully.

Solar PV systems produce their electrical power throughout the day. For lots of homes in the UK, the day is the time when you use the least amount of electrical power. You can take some steps to utilize this surplus electrical power efficiently. For example, run home appliances like dishwashers or washing machines during the day. However, for lots of individuals, a separate system will provide the best effectiveness.

For most solar PV systems, the excess electrical energy is sold back to the grid as part of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) plan. Nevertheless, the estimated payments from the FIT are based on the electrical production of your system. This means that you can use as much electricity as possible from your solar panels without affecting your FIT payments.

There are 2 different sorts of systems that you can use to use the electrical energy from your solar panels. The first is an electrical immersion heating system or storage heating system. These systems take surplus energy and transform it into heat. The second option is to use home batteries to save the electrical power. This enables you to utilise it during the night.

1. Electric heating system systems

One choice for utilising the surplus electricity developed by your solar panels is to have an electric heating system fitted. These systems will intelligently use any surplus electrical energy and store it as heat, which is released throughout the night.

There are 2 primary types of electrical heating system that you can utilize for this function. The first is an immersion heater which will warm up a warm water tank. This can give you enough hot water to utilize at night. They can also save you energy by not needing to have your gas boiler heat up an entire tank of hot water.

A second choice is an electrical storage heating unit which will just change the excess electrical power into heat and store it. It can then be launched similar to any other kind of electrical heating system.

Both of these systems can be utilized to divert excess electrical energy and store it in your personal home, rather than offering it back to the grid.

2. Home battery systems

Home battery systems provide more flexibility than electrical heating systems. A home battery shops the excess electrical energy so that you can utilize it to power your house at nights and overnight.

The evident advantage of these systems is that you will use even less electrical power and can appropriately harness the power of your photovoltaic panels. Nonetheless, you might still find that you have to utilise electrical power from the grid. House batteries usually do not store sufficient power for high load home appliances like kettles or electrical showers.

Both of these systems are a considerable financial investment. Nevertheless, they can save you money over their lifetime, therefore it is worth examining their return on investment. Using these systems will let you utilise as much electrical power as possible from your photovoltaic panels to power your home, conserving you money and saving the world.

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