5 Reasons you Should Get Solar Panels Right Now

June 20th, 2016

The government needs 10 million homeowners to have solar panels on their roofs if they are going to meet their renewable energy targets by 2020. That’s why it is paying homeowners for each unit of electricity they produce with their solar panels.

But this incentive, known as the Feed-in Tariff, has a threatened future. Experts now say that solar panels pay for themselves in energy bill savings due to the cost of installation falling by 10% each year.

So if you’ve been considering solar panels, you need to act now. You can get 4.32p/kWh before 30th June when the tariff will be cut once again to 4.25p/kWh. The rate is now subject to default degression, so will go down each quarter no matter what.

Feed-in Tariff payments are TAX-FREE and last 20 years, no matter what happens to the tariff in the future.

If you’re still undecided, here are 5 benefits to going solar that would be a disaster to ignore:

1. Stop relying on the ‘Big Six’ for your electricity and protect yourself from rising costs
2. Earn up to £5,000 over 20 years TAX-FREE and in line with inflation
3. Cut your electricity bills by 50% by generating your own free electricity
4. Add a solar battery to your system and save another 15% on your bills by using stored electricity at night
5. Property buyers are looking for solar panels already installed, so you can add value to your home

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